USavsion pays a flat percentage for commission across all plans
USAvision will not reduce commissions when a group contract renews
USAvision does not reduce commissions based on the amount of business an agent writes
USAvision deposits commissions automatically into your bank account each month

Resource Links
» Agent Contracting Kit
» Side-By-Side Selection Guide - Choice Network
» Side-By-Side Selection Guide - Signature Network
» Side-By-Side - All Rates
» Admin Guide
» Admin Guide - Cal-COBRA Groups
» Member Enrollment Form
» Contracting Process
» Appointment Process
» Admin Events

Group Contracting Process

Plan Selection
» Determine Plan Design (Premier, Deluxe, Classic, Traditional)
» Determine Premium Contribution Type (Employee Paid or Employer Sponsored)
» Determine Optional Plan Enhancements (if any)
» Print Plan Specific Group Contracting Kit

Document Completion
» Group Contracting Kit Completed & Signed
» Member Enrollment Forms Completed & Signed
» or Census Enrollment Completed

Send Documents
» Completed Group Contracting Kit Sent to USAvision
» First Premium Payment Sent to USAvision
» Completed Enrollment Forms or Census Enrollment Sent to USAvision

USAvision Administrative Tasks
» Group Setup Completed
» Member Enrollments Completed
» Agent Notification of Group Setup & Member Enrollment Completion
» Coverage Starts

Agent Appointment Process
» Download and complete the Agent Contracting Kit
» Send to USAvision with a current copy of insurance license and proof of E&O coverage
» If licensed in more than one state, only license for the state in which the group is located is required

Administrative Events Timeline
1st day of each month
» Member Coverage Starts
» Group Coverage Starts
10th day of each month
» Agent Commissions Paid
» Group Mailed-In Premium Payments Due
» Group Automatic Premium Payments Processed
15th day of each month
» New Member Enrollments Due
» Member Coverage Changes Due
» Member Terminations Due
20th day of each month
» Billing Invoices Emailed to Groups
Last day of each month
» Member Terminations Effective