It's all about the facts...
A recent study found that blurred vision causes more hardship in peoples' daily lives than a history of major illness, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart attack and is one of the top ten most frequent causes of disability.

Where Americans consistently rank vision as the most important sense
Percentage of adults whom require some form of vision correction
Where vision and other health benefits rank on the list of effective corporate retention initiatives
Percentage of parents with children age twelve and younger that have not taken their child to an eye doctor
Daily workplace eye injuries in the U.S. costing more than $300m in lost productivity annually
Percentage of employees who said they would trade a vacation day for eye-care benefits

Eye Exams
Receiving a regular Eye Exam is important. An Eye Exam can not only indicate vision problems, but can also identify major health conditions.

Style & Fashion
For many people, style and fashion are important and they may feel embarassed to wear glasses. Thankfully, VSP doctors carry a large selection of stylish frames to choose from. Options range in price, style and color, allowing anyone to find the perfect pair.

Eye Exams for Children
Many children suffer for years with undiagnosed vision difficulties. While poor vision is often cited as a major contributor to poor academic acheivement. Children should have a professional eye exam before starting Pre-K to identify vision difficulties.